Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Give your images rusty and burnt edges~!

Adding a burnt edges to your image makes it look cliche. So let's bring it up another notch and give it a rusty edge too.

Let's start with the rusty first

1. Open up 500px X 500px document with a White background.

2. Create a new layer and use the Marquee Tool to draw a Rectangular Selection. Fill it up with #67a031.Name the layer "Green".

3. Using a Pen Tool,make sure "Path" is selected, start drawing edges along the side of the green Rectangle.

4. Right Click and select "Make Selection". Leave the settings at default

5. Ctrl-Shift-I to inverse your selection and press Delete to clear your selection.

6. With this "Green" layer selected, press Ctrl-J to duplicate the layer and fill this duplicated up with #7b3700. We can name this layer" Brown". Shift this layer below "Green".

7. Duplicate the "Green" Layer and Fill it up with #ea1e00. Name it "Red". Shift it below "Brown" layer.

8. Duplicate the "Green" Layer again and Fill it up with #f3ef00. Name it "Yellow". Shift it below "Red" layer.

9. This is how your layer panel should like now.

10. With your "Red" layer selected, Ctrl-click on "Red" layer to bring up the selection. Go to Select > Modify > Contract > 1px.

11. Ctrl-Shift-I to inverse selection and press Delete.

12. Now select your "Brown" layer, Ctrl-Click on "Brown" layer. Go to Select > Modify > Contract > 2px. Repeat Step 11.

13. Select your "Green" Layer, Ctrl-Click on "Green" layer. Go to Select > Modify > Contract > 3px. Repeat Step 11.

14. Using your Smudge Tool, Go to each layer except green to draw a few smudges. Use a Soft Round Brush and make the Strength:30%. This is what i did.

15. You should end up with something like this.

Now let's do the cliche burnt edges

1. Create a new layer. Call it "burnt". Let it be the top most layer.

2. With the "burnt" selected, Ctrl-Click on Green. Using a dark brown or black brush, draw along the side of the selection. I find that by drawing thinner black lines rather than thick line would make it more realistic. So don't overdo it. Use a small round brush, with the hardness 100%.

3. Duplicate the "burnt" layer and name it "burnt 1". Shift it above "burnt". With the "burnt 1" selected,go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > 1px. Change Blending Option to "Overlay.

4. Repeat Step 3 two more times but increase the Gaussian Blur by 1px each time.

5. This is what you should get.

6. Import a picture you like. For me i used this. This picture should be above the all layers except the "burnt" layer.
7. Resize and move the picture til the position you like it.
8. Make sure the Picture layer is selected and Ctrl- Click the "Green" layer. Go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All. This will mask out the picture outside the selection.

9. Change the Blending Option of the picture to "Vivid Light".

10. There you have it! Burnt + Rusty + Your Picture = Fantastico~!~!

Time to put on your Creative Hat

Spam a few brushes and grunge text to liven up the image.

Stained by ~p0larBoy on deviantART

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