Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pen Tool Tutorial~

Pen Tool was really a nightmare to me when i started playing around Photoshop. I always thought I could suffice without using Pen tool at all. Lasso Tool was my poor man's version of Pen Tool.

But later in my life, the need to use Pen Tool was way too tempting. I wanted to be able to cut out intricate objects beautifully and not turned out to be a utter mess. As painful as it took me, i finally can proudly say that i can use the Pen tool efficiently. Looking back now, how i wished there was someone or some tutorials books that would have saved me time, headaches and my poor indexed finger.

Enough of my crapping, now is your turn to grow some balls and start utilizing an extra 0.01% of Photoshop Tools.

Important Points to take note(in case you are too lazy to watch the video):

1. Never attempt to trace a path with an angle more than 90 degree.

2. Use the "Alt" button to shorten the two handlebars to one before proceeding to the next click.

3. To have a smoother path(no bumps in between two points), try to have as little points as possible per shape. (You can use just 4 points to draw a circle or 8 points to draw a circle, 4 points would give u a smoother path)

4. Lastly, the Mother of all Cliche: Practice, Practice and more Practice!!!

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