Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to search effectively in

Recently some readers emailed me that my google search engine sucks. That's like rubbing salt to my wound. I ain't earning any money from it and i still got flamed for it. :angry face:

But after having my hissy fits, i realised the fault actually do lies with me. I didnt really specify how to use the search engine effectively and i had just one search engine linking to too many websites. Hence, this blog post is born.

Changes made:

+ Two Search Engine to cater for specific needs
+ One search engine is for finding tutorials in Mix-Mash while the other is for finding Adobe Brushes

How to use them effectively?
For Tutorial Search, it is as simple as entering search terms like "cartoon" to search for my "How to create a cartoon scene" tutorials. It saves you the hassle of remembering the full name of the tutorial.

For Brush Search, for example you are looking for a brush like a Skull Brush. So basically type "skull", and this sample result page would enter:

As you can see, the result are very direct and related to what you want it to be. So hopefully, this mini help-page clears things up



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