Saturday, October 4, 2008

*More Realistic* How to Look Younger by 10 years

I had gotten quite abit of stick for the "How to Look Younger by 10 years" series. People complained that no one in this world simply have skins like that. Well, a reader, Sheeves, suggested a simple technique to return the whole photo to realism. Since this is really simple, i wouldn't be submitting this to Good-Tutorial. Otherwise, enjoy this tutorial. It wun take you much of the time~~

1. This is what we had after Part 2

This would be the edited layer.

2. Paste the Original Photo behind the Edited Layer.

3. Adjust the opacity for the Edited Layer

Adjust the opacity while looking at the image. Adjust it til your level of "realism", so it's all down to your judgement. For me, i left the opacity at 45%.

There you go

Much better? Yes? No?

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